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        The nature of the Problem: When MacBook water damage has occurred, the liquid might make its way to the logic board and other components inside. The minerals and salts in the liquid will immediately start to eat away all metal, silicone & fiberglass parts that the components are made of.

        If there is a power source available, such as a battery which is supplying power to the system (even when the computer is turned off), the electric current will interact with the liquid and accelerate the corrosion process. This will cause the copper and other metal parts to migrate across the board. If the corrosion process is not stopped, you are prone to end up with a very expensive paperweight. If MacBook water damage has occurred, it is very important not to ATTEMPT TO POWER THE MACBOOK on! This can only cause more unnecessary damage. Occasionally, your MacBook turns on, but if the liquid is left on the logic board, your device will be likely to fail. Turn your MacBook on its side - optical drive down - and let the liquid drain out. If you are handy with a screwdriver, remove the bottom cover and disconnect the battery. This stops power from moving through the logic board and this will slow the damage. Dry up all visible liquid.

        Do not take your MacBook to the Apple Store. Even if you have Apple Care, it will void your warranty. When Apple is notified that liquid damage has occurred, the machine is immediately blacklisted and the warranty is voided. They will repair the damage, but it will be likely to cost almost as much as a new machine. Our Technicians will perform a comprehensive Macbook water damage repair and will do whatever it takes to restore your MacBook to its former glory. The million dollar question is: what do I do now? We have seen it all; water, wine, beer, tea - nothing will surprise us.

        There are people out there who will tell you not to dry it out and it will be fine. While in some cases this may be true, make no mistake about it - it's like shooting in the dark. So we do not recommend it. If MacBook water damage is not handled promptly and properly, you might need to budget for a new MacBook.

WARRANTY ALWAYS INCLUDED: Once we complete your MacBook water damage repair and get your MacBook up and running, we run it through a burn-in process to ensure that EVERYTHING is working properly. We then put a 3 months' warranty on it!

Risk Free!
If we are unable repair your MacBook water damage because the damage is too extensive, we will not charge you a penny

**** IMPORTANT**** We receive dozens of emails asking about our pricing on MacBook water damage repair versus what some of our competitors charge. The Mac Geniuses will never employ the classic bait and switch low ball pricing. We have had an upfront and honest approach when it comes to our pricing. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE to repair a water damaged MacBook for less than £50-£80. THe minimum time of the labour needed to complete the process appropriately is 2 hours, and it does not include drying time. Some repairs require multiple washings to remove all of the corrosion and some MacBooks have additional components that will need to be replaced. If your MacBook requires additional repairs, we will get in touch with you before replacing any parts and advise you on the price.

        If the cost of the repair turns out reasonable, we will fix your device. If it is too high, we will piece your MacBook together for you to pick it up. We will obviously not charge you a penny as we do not charge for a diagnosis; we act on a no fix - no fee basis. Our experience has taught us that the cost of cleaning a logic board with use of ultrasonic cleaner amounts to £100 - £150 depending on a model of a MacBook and the number of times it had to be washed. It stands to reason that every water damage is different, however, in the majority of cases it is enough to wash your motherboard to make your MacBook work again.

        We think it is important for all customers to be well informed on the process and pricing so they can make a well-advised decision. The Mac Geniuses will never try to compete on pricing with anyone employing bait and switch tactics.

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