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Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac EFI firmware password removal service

EFI firmware password removal

Has your Macbook or iMac gone into EFI or iCloud and you forgot your code?
If so, it’s not a big deal; we can unlock it for you. If we are not able to unlock your device, you we will not charge you a penny so there’s no risk involved.

We are 100% successful with devices manufactured between 2010 and 2014.
If you are not sure what model you have, send us your serial number and we will help.

Not only will we unlock your Apple device, but we will also re-install OS X without additional charges so it would be ready for you to use once you collect it.

Why choose us?
Because we do not dismantle your Mac and we do not replace the Firmware Chip on the motherboard as it would be a risky undertaking. Your Apple warranty will not be made void.

For MacBook Air you need to bring an Original SSD with you.

If you have important data which you wish to retain on your hard disc, we can back them up and when the service is done transfer them for only £50.00 - £100.00.

1. How long does it take to unlock your device?
It takes 1 to 3 working days to fully unlock a device.

2. Can I send my Mac to you?
Yes, of course you can. After unlocking your Mac and receiving a payment for the service we will send your Mac back to an address you have given us (client pays for all the postage) via Special Delivery or Parcel Force.

3. Is this service going to void my warranty?
No, it is not. Our method does not involve dismantling you Mac and replacing the Firmware Chip on the motherboard so is does not entail any risk.

4. Is this service completely safe?
Yes, because we do not interfere with any parts on the motherboard. Your Mac will not be dismantled.

5. Are my data going to be deleted?
Yes, having unlocked your device we will re-install OS X. If you have some important data on your hard disc we might transfer them at the end of service for extra £50 - £100.

6. Is serial number of the mother board going to be changed?
No, serial number and Mac address remain the same because our service does not involve replacing the Firmware Chip. In other words, serial number does not change and your warranty is still valid.

7. Is this service unblocking iCloud PIN?
Yes, iCloud PIN gets unblocked too. Having re-installed OS X, one might assign an iCloud account again.

8. Once unlocked, will it lock again?
No, once unlocked your Mac will not lock again.

9. Do you replace chips on the logic board?
No, we do not perform any risky operations on the motherboard. Our method does not involve disassembling your Mac.

10. How successful are you likely to be?
We are 100% successful with supported Mac models (see above list). If we are not able to unlock your Mac, we will not charge you a penny so there is no risk involved.

The total cost of the service is £95.00 + postage if required.

If you have any questions please contact us.

EFI password removal service in Surrey